Angels In Harlem Gospel Choir Live December 27th at 12pm PST From Blue Note Milano

harlem-gospel-choir-300x300The Angels in Harlem Gospel Choir is the premier American Gospel Choir. They have traveled the world for 26 years; sharing its joy of faith and raising funds for children’s charities. Allen Bailey founded the Choir in 1986, and today the Choir presents the finest singers and musicians from the black churches in Harlem and the New York City area. The theme of every performance is “bringing people and nations together and giving something back”. The Choir have performed for Royalty, President Obama, Nelson Mandela, Elton John, two Popes and at the memorial for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They have performed alongside superstars including Andre Rieu, Diana Ross, Bono, The Chieftains, Simple Minds, Live, Sinead O’Connor, Kim Wilde, Lyle Lovett, Josh Groban, Lisa Marie Presley and the Gorillaz.

The Choir embodies the spirit of American Gospel. Every concert is infectiously enthusiastic; a roller coaster ride of singing and dancing; a gospel celebration! The Choir’s rich harmonies and dynamic sound are “UNFETTERED & JOYOUS”. Their harmonious songs of love, hope and inspiration will touch the depths of your soul, lift your spirit and take your breath away!

Join from The Blue Note Milano on December 27th at 12pm PST and watch the Harlem’s finest LIVE from one of the coolest places on earth.

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When: December 27 - 12pm pst

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