The Campilongo Quartet feat. Jim Campilongo, Erik Deutsch, Jeff Hill & Tony Mason Live from Yoshi’s San Francisco December 23, 7pm PST

Jim CampilongoBillboard Magazine calls Jim Campilongo, “an American treasure”, an accolade this guitarist’s artistry and influential career has richly earned him.

With nine albums of original material and guest appearances on dozens of recordings; from the Bammie-winner’s contribution on Cake’s million-selling “Prolonging the Magic” to (most recently) doing lead guitar duties with Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson and The Little Willies, his band with Norah Jones. Look for the new Little Willies record “For the Good Times” in January 2012

He’s also had repeat appearances on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien appeared on Jools Holland (BBC), Abbey Road Sessions (BBC) and has been interviewed on many major radio shows.

Additionally Campilongo is a published guitar teacher and contributing editor for Guitar Player Magazine. Campilongo’s virtuosity and originality has inspired a generation of guitar players. His songwriting uses a palette of the best in Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock with a sensitivity and wit that has also earned him the broad fan base most instrumental guitarist never enjoy.

In 2011 Fender Guitars bestowed Jim the honor of the Campilongo Signature Telecaster, a high quality instrument made by Fender’s elite Custom Shop.

Since 2005 the Jim Campilongo Electric Trio have performed every Monday at NYC’s Living Room. Time Out NYC recommended as “one of the city’s strongest” and… “”…Monday night means Jim Campilongo…”

“…New York has no shortage of guitar heroes but few cover as many bases as Jim Campilongo…” “…reveals a range that extends from seductive country-swing to atmospheric jazz and well beyond…”
“…through the lean ropy sound of his Fender Telecaster, Mr. Campilongo connects American styles (Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, R&B) in a sly knowing way…”
“…Jim Campilongo holds court. American music is a melting pot of influences, but few guitarists capture the nuances as well as Campilongo does…”
“… Campilongo is one of those New York secrets. A master of the electric guitar, he weaves in spaghetti western picks, blues chords and jazz refs into his haunting tunes, a combo of originals and covers…”
NYC Village Voice
“…an engaging improviser whose interest in entertainment is equal to his interest in art. His supple moves can keep an audience enthralled – meaning their asses wiggle and their minds jiggle…”
“… you’ve got the makings of a very twisted guitar hero who deserves worshipping. Clever, crafty, quirky and cool.

Join from Yoshi’s San Francisco on Sunday, November 18 at 7pm PST and watch this guitar hero LIVE from one of the coolest places on earth.

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When: Sunday, December 23 - 7pm PST

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